Project Management Training Module 5 Close Process

The purpose of these Training Modules is to guide you through the Be a Better Sheepdog site in a logical sequence to help you to become a better Project Manager whether you are new to the role or wish to improve on your performance. This is Module 5 of 8 of and provides a description of the CLOSE process; see other modules at the bottom of the page.

Be a Better Sheepdog 3 step process for running a Project
The Project execution has been successful and it is now time to close things down in a sensible orderly way before stopping the Project - the CLOSE process.

Please read the following posts:
  1. A bit of Frank Sinatra - And now, the end is near, And so I face the final curtain
  2. Project Lessons Learnt - remembering the past to influence the future
  3. Rolling off Projects - After the Lord Mayor's Show
  4. And don't forget to celebrate your successful Project!

Be a Better Sheepdog Training Modules

  1. Module 1 - OVERVIEW - an overview of the training and basic concepts 
  2. Module 2 - PM SKILLS - what skills and behavioural characteristics you need to develop to be a successful Project Manager?
  3. Module 3 - DEFINE Process - describes this important process to ensure that we have identified the Owner of the Project, agreed the objective, developed the plans etc
  4. Module 4 - DO Process - executing the Project ensuring that the Project Manager is monitoring, controlling, communicating, escalating when required etc
  5. Module 5 - CLOSE Process - things to complete before the Project ends and the temporary project organisation is disbanded (this module)
  6. Module 6 - OTHER information not already covered
  7. Module 7 - IT PROJECT specific information, skip if you aren't running such projects
  8. Module 8 - RECAP & TEST - A recap and an opportunity to test yourself and join the "Be a Better Sheepdog" Hall of Fame
  9. Project Management Manual in Proverb Cartoons - if you prefer your training visual, this is for you


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